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Save time and money by using your mobile device to get a free estimate. It only takes a couple of minutes to finish and allows you to get an estimate from anywhere.




In the Estimate Process area the vehicle is inspected and relevant data is entered into estimate computer systems. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs. However, often there is hidden damage that cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.

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Accidents, flat tires and locking your keys in the car are all unsettling, but knowing what to do in those situations makes everything a little more bearable.

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Know your rights as a customer. We believe that you as a customer should know your rights before you start your repairs.

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Before and After

We strive to provide the finest collision repair and paint refinishing north of the river.


    I occasionally ask my team what makes us better? What sets us apart from other repair shops?

    The responses I receive are: We have a lot of experience, we stay on top of training, we help our customers through the repair process; explaining the repair, help customers with setting up their rental car and we just are.


    While I agree with all these things I truly believe what sets us apart from other collision repair shops is our dedication and compassion for our customers. This is not just an 8 to 5 job for us. We take pride in taking a bad experience and turning it into a positive one and making a lifelong relationship with our customers.

    Chris Jones

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